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While owner and CEO of La Carreta Louisiana, Saul Rubio, loves everything about the Tex-Mex dining experience, this new restaurant venture, Si Señor Taqueria, deviates from his past projects in our authentic execution of dishes. With his efforts, he hopes to make Mexican food a mainstay of dining in Southeastern Louisiana.

Si Señor Taqueria serves as a breath of fresh air to the newly renovated Seville Plaza, offering innovative takes on Mexican classics, such as tortas and tacos.

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House Specials for

happy hour

Not only do our high-quality ingredients make for an enhanced dining experience, but our handmade, artisan cocktails, like the House Paloma with fresh agave nectar, also take every occasion spent at Si Señor Taqueria to the next level. Patrons can explore our classic drink staples as well— think margaritas, mojitos, and more! Perfectly paired with our take on Mexican food favorites, our selection of beverages is sure to quench your thirst for Latin-inspired cocktails—even if it isn’t Happy Hour!