bueno. bonito. barato.

rotisserie chicken
tacos on a plate
interior view of si senor restaurant
Delicate Vanilla Custard With Caramelized Rompope Sauce
Si Senor Taqueria's historical man with agave on top of his hat
Si Senor Taqueria's skeleton man logo
Si Senor Taqueria's skeleton woman logo
Margarita in a glass with two Dos Equis bottles


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Si Señor Taqueria’s vibrant interior complements our flavorful dishes. Attentive service, a lively environment, and a festive interior only adds to the quality of our food and drink, making this new Hammond restaurant an exciting dining possibility to experienced foodies and curious newcomers of the Northshore culinary scene.

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Strawberry margarita



Whether you are looking for an enhanced dining experience or a happy hour, Si Señor Taqueria is the best spot for authentic Mexican dining in Southeastern Louisiana. Experience our upbeat atmosphere while enjoying our handmade, artisan cocktails, like the House Paloma with fresh agave nectar.

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